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Here is all the info you need to view and hopefully understand the Monthly Statistics Page.

Unique Hits- This system shows unique IP addresses. For example, each computer has its own IP address, but it checks unique IP's so if you visit the site with three computers, then its three unique hits. This is what most sites ask for affiliation.

Pages- Actually, the term is Page views (I'll change it, soon). Page views are how many different pages of the Interguild site ( each IP views. Say you visit about 30 pages of the Interguild. That's thirty page views, but if you visit each of those thirty pages page twice, then that's still thirty page views. (The forums give out a lot of page views.) The number of page views you see on the chart for a certain day is the number of every single page views from every IP that visited the site added up together.

Hits- Whenever you load any page of the site, you give a hit. the hit counter on the homepage only loads the hits of that page. ONLY that page since the content loads in a different page below using an iframe. But the chart shows the hits collected throughout the entire site (even For example, if you visit thirty pages, then that's thirty hits. If you visit each of those thirty pages twice, then that's sixty hits.

Having a lot of hits is good which means that you have active members who visit frequently, but having a lot of page views is better meaning that your visitors explore the site. Which is a very good thing to have in your site.

Bandwidth- Basically, this how much content is loaded from your site. For example, if index.html was, say, 17KB in file size, then that would be 17KB added to the bandwidth. Basically, this is corresponding to the hits (that's why their next to each other in the chart). Having a large amount of bandwidth is good, but too much bandwidth can put to much stress on the servers that the site is on. If the server is free of stress, the site will quickly load. But if you have a LOT of visitors visiting your site at one time, then the pages will take longer to load with so much bandwidth being used on the servers. But, stress is put on the servers if a lot of people are viewing the site at the same time. The chart only shows the amount of bandwidth used throughout the day.


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