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New-Interguild Updates
Wednesday, Sep 17, 2008 | 8:46 PM Interguild News icon
Interguild News
Acceleron_3000 (Livio)
Comments Still Disabled

I have been gone for a very long time, but that's because of some crazy homework I've been getting. If you're an active member at this site, you'd know what I'm talking about when I mention the NewInterguild. I've been working on that extensively lately, and now I'm going to be posting somewhat daily updates on it to keep you all informed of my crazy progress.

You still won't be able to make an account on the site because it's technically still under construction. I'm not sure when it will be done b/c it depends on how much time Haily is willing to put into it before he refuses to help anymore. And why don't I visit the forums anymore? Because they take a lot of time away from me, but I may visit them again one of these days. So keep checking the newinterguild for my updates.

And can you guys please start a new topic in the announcements forum where you discuss/comment on my posts? I'd like to see your feedback. I'll probably respond to them on my updates in newinterguild. It sounds really inefficient and strange, but I like to check posts without logging in. and if I do log in, then there's nothing stopping me from checking out the other posts, and before I know it, I've spent the whole day at the forums. 0_o

CC#19 is finished!
Sunday, Jul 13, 2008 | 3:47 PM Comp Results icon
Comp Results
Comments Still Disabled

That's correct folks, finally Comp #19 is finished and judged! The results are in...

First place: Ckjr123393 - SteelSeal
Second place: Onarole96 - TheyAllFall
Third place: Krotomo - Oval_of_falling

Bmwsu didn't have enough time to finish his cave, unfortunately. Shos also signed up but later said he wasn't entering.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll get any trophies from Magnapple for a while, let's just cross our fingers he'll manage to get some done...

Monday, Jun 23, 2008 | 4:01 AM Competition News icon
Competition News
Comments Still Disabled

As announced in the PCCA forums, CC#19 have officially begun! Yay! The theme for this contest is...

Falling objects!

Competition started: June 15
Competition ends: June 28

Don't make your cave a speed cave with only one kind of trap (falling objects ). Those entries will be disqualified.
Only submit new caves. No old caves.

To sign up as a competitor or a judge, just tell me about it at the PCCA or in the official CC#19 topic (link below)

Please include the cave code in your post in the above topic.

Good luck!

CC 18 Results!
Sunday, Jun 8, 2008 | 8:07 AM Comp Results icon
Comp Results
Comments Still Disabled

I judged this before Fungus' results, but supposedly he moved to Africa.


1st Ckjr123393 - Freaky_Climb
2nd 0narole96 - Ladder_Fury
3rd Shos - theLaddersLad

4th Bmwsu - LoserOnTheLadder
5th Kirby13542 - Ladders

Magnapple can make the trophies so hopefully those will come soon.

Congrats to the winners!

CC18 Extension
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | 6:48 PM Competition News icon
Competition News
Comments Still Disabled

The PCCA's CC18 has been extended by one week. Originally scheduled to end on the 24th of May, it will now end on the 31st. Sign up if you haven't and submit your cave by this Saturday!

Meanwhile, the sign-up list as follows:

1. Ckjr123393
2. Shos
3. Onarole_96
4. Kirby13542
5. Bmwsu

And the Judges:

1. Jdouble04w
2. Fungus_amongus_1193
3. Isawithappen

Not see your name on these lists??? Enter today!

Saturday, May 10, 2008 | 11:31 AM Competition News icon
Competition News
Comments Still Disabled

That's right, the PCCA's newest cave competition, CC#18, has officially started!

THEME: Ladders
STARTS: May 10
CLOSES: May 24

Because the theme is ladders, please DO NOT do the following in your cave:
1. Do not make every tile of your cave a ladder tile.
2. Do not make your cave consist of the same trap over and over again (ex. the ladder/spike trap).
3. Do not make your entire cave a speed cave.

These rules are put in place only because the caves will lack originality. Try to make them fun and enjoyable.

Sign up for this competition at the PCCA or at the competition topic, posted below.

You may post your cave codes at the competition topic, here:

Finally, good luck! cool

Cave Competiton #17 Results!
Monday, May 5, 2008 | 6:46 PM Comp Results icon
Comp Results
Comments Still Disabled

Yes, the competiton results have finally been released!

FIRST: Ckjr123393
Cave: The_Unforgiven
This cave was great, with all sorts of tricks and perfectly timed traps. But then again, that's how all Ckjr's caves are. wink

SECOND: Isawithappen
Cave: Tempting
This cave had glitches and was very creative with the way Isa did it. I couldn't get very far but it was still great.

THIRD: Zenda_Kitty
Cave: Timpani_Roll
This cave had a bunch of box traps in it and people seemed to like it, placing it third in most of the judging.

Congratulations to the top 3! Here are how the others placed:

FOURTH: Quirvy
FIFTH: Bmwsu
SIXTH: Onarole96
SEVENTH: Kirby13542

This is my first news post so I'm not sure how to do all the fancy stuff right now so just bare in mind with it's non bold and non-pics.

Comp 17: Follow the Template!
Saturday, Mar 15, 2008 | 6:50 PM Competition News icon
Competition News
Acceleron_3000 (Livio)
Comments Still Disabled

It's comp 17!! It should be no major surprise to you what it is as I've already posted about it a few days ago on the forums, but now that Comp 16 is over, we can start this one. The theme is to "Follow the Template!" I have made an empty cave with unique shapes of rooms and also some sections for water. The template is posted below, but first here are some rules:

1) This comp ends on April 5, but, as usual, it may be extended up to one week.
2) You may add whatever you want to the template, but you cannot remove anything from it. However, you are allowed to remove the tutorial arrows.
3) There may be parts of the cave where you do not like, but remember that you can always add some things so that the room changes entirely, but no removing is allowed. For example, if you don't like how the beginning starts with two paths to choose from, you can always add terrain to make a set route for the player to travel in.
4) You cannot add water to your cave. evil But I have added multiple sections in which there is water for you to use. You can add water taps to these sections, but no water is allowed these set rooms because you might end up glitching the cave up. You may use water crates and tap crates wherever you want, though.
5) If you do not want to use water in your caves, you may remove the water taps (but nothing else!!). You may also limit the water to a certain amount of space, rather than filling up the entire room.
6) You are free to rename the level however you want and to also change the water type to your preferred style along with the terrain type.
7) NEW RULE: It's ok if you make subtle changes to the template for your cave, but these changes cannont be drastic. You're better off if you just ask me about the changes before turning in your cave.

Remember to be creative with this. You may be limited to this template, but the possibilities are still endless (or almost endless). It'll be fun to compare how everyone uses the template at the end of the comp. Now, here's the template coding. Just copy and paste it into a txt file (notepad file) and save it. Then you can open it in CaveMaker.
PCCA_Comp17_Template terrain 2 background 1 water clear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         xxx                              xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         xxx                              xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxx  xxx                      xxx      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxx  xxx                      xxx      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxx   xxxx   x                       xxx       xxxxxxx xxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxx   xxxx                           xxx  x      xxxxx xxxx                 xxxxxxx    xxxx       xxx     x         xxxxx             x xxxx      xKxxtt                xxxxxx   xxxxxx   xx         xxxx              x xxxx     xxKxx                  xxxxxx   xxxxxxx  xx         xxxx              x xxxx     xxKxx                  xxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx               x xxxx  xxxxxKxx                  xxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt    t x        xxKxx              xxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx                    xxx      x x        xxKxx              xxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx                     xx      x x        xxKxx              xxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx                     xx      x x        xxKxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx                      x      x x        xxKxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxx                      x      x x        xxKxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxx                      x      x x        xxKxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxx                xx    x      x x        xxKxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxx                xxx   x      x x        xxKKxxx                                                  xxx   x      x x        xxxKxxx                      (#)                         xxxx  x      x x        xxxKKKKtt                     D                          xxxx  x  x   x x        xxxKxxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x  x   x x        xKKKKKx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                            x  x   x x        xKxKxKx         xxxxxxxxxx                                     x  x   x x        xKxKxKx         xxxxxxx              xxxxxxxx  x              xx  x   x x        xxxxxxx         xxxxxx               xxxxxxxx  x   xxx    xxxxxx      x x        xxxxxxx         xxxxxx            xxxxxx++xxx  x          xxxxx       x x   xxxxxxxxxxxx         xxxxx             xxxxxxzzxxx             xxxxx       x x             xx         xxxxx     xx     xxxxx     xx             xxxx        x x             xx         xxxxx      x     xxxxx     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         x xxxxxx        xxxxxxxx    xxxx      xx    xxxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          x xxxxxx             xxx      xx       xxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxx            x xxxxxx             xxx      xx                       xxxxxx                    x xxxxxx             xxx      xx                       xxxxxx                    x xxxxxx             xxx    xxxx       xxxxxxxxx       xxxxx                     x xxxxxx             z     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxx                     x xxxxxx             z     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         )z                     x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

About the Broken Comments
I've posted about this on the forums, but I haven't really posted it here yet. The comments are down because a recent spambot attack glitched up the commenting system making all previous comments inaccessible. Because we don't know how the Cute News manages their comments, I don't want to risk losing anyone's comments, so instead I will try to retrieve a backup from before this happened.

However, my dad is currently in New York because of his job (I'm in Arizona, if you didn't know), and he's the only one who knows how to retrieve the backups. So please be patient until we can get the comments back up. Instead of posting comments here, talk about it at the forums.

Comp 16 Results
Saturday, Mar 15, 2008 | 12:23 PM Comp Results icon
Comp Results
Acceleron_3000 (Livio)
Comments Still Disabled

Comp 16 has finally been judged, and I bet you're all dying to see who won. It's definitely been a long wait, so here they are:

Cave: Hell is SO better..
A challenging cave that didn't go as overboard with the difficulty as some of these other entries. shifty It also had some cool traps in there too. cool

Cave: Red Spikes
Not much to this cave, but it was still able to reach second place. It gets challenging at some parts if you're not good at moving through ladders, but it's still a pretty nice cave.

Cave: Boulder Armin
This was a really creative cave. The beginning was good, but then after that evil bird-filled pit, it was just evil... But I still think this cave turned out better than some of the others.

Zenda_Kitty - Filesthdens Sphinx

Isawithappen - Spite

Kirby13542 - PCCA_16_Challenge

JDouble04w - Wastelands

Hannah Banana - Damp Smelly Cave

Congrats on all the contestants, and the next comp will begin in a few hours. I actually had to rush this post b/c I have to go some where, but when I get back...

The PCCA Comp have been Revived!!
Tuesday, Mar 4, 2008 | 11:58 AM Competition News icon
Competition News
Acceleron_3000 (Livio)
Comments Still Disabled

Title says all. You will now be able to enjoy the great PCCA comps every couple of weeks again. cool What slowed us down was the uploader glitch coming through the middle of Comp 16, which was themed as Tiny Caves (30x30 or less). I've decided to extend this comp until this Sunday, so if you've made a cave that has been glitched up by the uploader, you have until the end of the week to fix it. If you don't, you will lose points for anything broken. But it shouldn't take too long because it's only a tiny cave. rolleyes

The reason I chose Sunday has nothing to do with the fact that Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out on that day cough, but instead because I've made this announcement a little late in the week (and because HATPC was down last weekend), and I hope everyone has enough time to fix their caves, so I decided to just give you the entire weekend. mrgreen Judging will begin on Monday, and I need judges to help decide the winners. If you're interested in judging please tell me somehow. And if you really want this comp to be judged, you WILL join. nope

About Comp 17, most of you have seen me post about it in the forums. I came up with it before I agreed to this idea suggested by Quirvy. But I guess you can look forward to that comp now. wink It's a good thing it's impossible for you to start on it yet. But why didn't I start the comp anyway, and run this one simultaneously? Before starting another comp right away, I want to get the previous one judged and get that out of the way.

One last thing, if you wish to join the comp now, you may. However you must finish your entry before Monday.

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